Want to get back into your old jeans without being a slave to the calories? 

You CAN do it, just as I did. 

Without dieting, just a pinch of Asian wisdom and a lot of delicious, flavorful food. 


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“Leslie, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the solid hope of being who I once was. After 7 years of dieting, I finally feel mentally alive now!” - Melissa King, Sydney, Australia 

Hi, I'm Leslie.

About 10 years ago, I was on Atkins to lose my newly gained 30 pounds in school. In order to stick with the strict disciplines in the student cafeteria, I lied to the school that I had diabetes and asked them to custom-make a grilled chicken breast for me twice a day. The Atkins journey failed miserably, I was left with 50 pounds to lose and a deep, serious eating disorder.

It was the same year when my then-boyfriend joked about framing my old “dress of honor” and hanging it on the wall since I’d never get back into it. I had a volcanic explosion inside and broke up with him the next day.

During that year, I had very few friends. Not because that I didn’t want to socialize, it was because I couldn’t find the clothes that made me look and feel good.

Later in that year, I flew back to China for the summer vacation. My mom, by bringing me back to the Asian life regimen, helped me lose 14 pounds in a month without dieting, counting calories and carbs, or gym visits. I then lost the remaining 36 pounds in 10 months, effortlessly, after I left China. Ever since that, the fear that the 50 pounds were going to ruin the BEST years of my life was gone. And my weight has been naturally stable for 9 years now.

Now I’m finishing an Guide that shares the very essentials in the Asian life regimen that makes weight loss natural and unstoppable, with simple, easy-to-implement Asian food and nutrition wisdom that changes lives. 

"Natural" here means no calorie counting, carbs-curbing, food weighing, supplements, treadmill, dieting, or fasting.  

"I can't believe this guide made my year-long sugar craving gone. After applying the 'teassert' technique in it, everything became too sweet all in sudden! " - Jenni Chilton, New York, NY

"This guide showed me something very different, and I've already seen some weight loss after only a week! " - Mary LaPlante, Halfmoon, NY 

"Thanks to this guide, I realized that healthy living and weight loss are just that simple. And once one implements these secrets in it, everything becomes automated. After implementing them for a week, I'm already seeing difference!" - Jessica Aiani, Italy